Buses from the Airport to Benicassim

If you’re flying into Spain ready for the festival then one way of getting from the airport to the festival site is via bus.  The festival organisers recommend several buses.  Summary is as follows:

  • Valencia Airport – 20 € one-way (30 € return)
  • Reus Airport – 35 € one-way (60 € return)
  • Barcelona Airport – 45 € one-way (80 € return)
  • Alicante Airport – 45 € one-way (80 € return)
  • Gerona Airport – 50 € one-way (90 € return)
  • Madrid Airport – 60 € one-way (100 € return)

Getting these coaches is often the cheapest way if you’re travelling as a 2 or 3.  However, if there’s more of you then it might be worth considering a private transfer or hiring a car, details below:

Costs for private transfer from airports to Benicassim:

  • Valenica Airport 175 € one-way
  • Reus Airport 350 € one-way
  • Barcelona Airport 450 € one-way
  • Alicante Airport 450 € one-way
  • Gerona Airport 650 € one-way
  • Madrid Airport 750 € one-way

You can book the buses and private transfers on this page.

For car hire then we’d recommend Expedia who allow you to compare across a wide variety of car hire companies according to the airport that you’re flying into.

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5 Responses to “Buses from the Airport to Benicassim”
  1. lynn says:

    hi, could anybody advise the cheapest transfer from reus airport to bennicasim. thanx

  2. xcesca says:

    Hi, for the festival of 2012,
    first of all can we come for the camping on the 10th?
    If yes will there be bus service available from the airport to the camping site on the 10th also?
    Thanks alot! :)

  3. Kathryn says:

    Do you have a link to the sight regarding the buses for
    this year 2011 ? The link is for last year. When do you think the
    new link will update as i would like to book the bus sooner rather
    than later.

  4. Gilly B says:

    Is it recommended to book a place on the bus from Valencia airport or are they pretty frequent?

  5. lora says:

    Hi anyone know th cheapest way from girona to th festival please xx

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